Amalia Hall reunites with the Southern Cross Soloists

When and how did you realise that the violin was the instrument for you? When I was two, I desperately wanted to copy my three older siblings who were already playing violin. I started Suzuki lessons when I was three, and as long as I can remember, I couldn’t imagine being anything other than a violinist! Amalia Hall. Photo supplied You were appointed Concertmaster of Orchestra Wellington in 2016, becoming New Zealand’s youngest ever concertmaster. Did that fact prove daunting at all? And how has the responsibility of that position shaped you as a musician? I have never seen age as a barrier for anything that I do but was really excited that Orchestra Wellington offered me the amazing opportunity of this leadership role. I approached my (then) new role of Concertmaster with the attitude that it would be a learning curve for me, while also being a great chance for me to share what I have learned from my training and past experiences. I find that holding responsibility for an entire section has definitely taught me to think outside the box more and explore the relationships with the other sections in the orchestra, as… Continue reading Get unlimited digital … Continue reading Amalia Hall reunites with the Southern Cross Soloists