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August 2021

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In the Limelight

The editors of Limelight share their selection of the most exciting classical music, opera, theatre and dance events coming up in August.

In our ongoing debate about the music that Australian orchestras play, Peter Tregear discusses the rise of identity politics and argues that if we wish to defend our orchestral culture, we cannot avoid questions of musical value.


Why has it taken three decades for the opera Voss to be revived?
by Vincent Plush

Bringing Trent Dalton’s best-selling novel to life in the theatre
by Jane Albert

How do we ensure that adventurous new music gets more than one performance?
by Shamistha de Soysa

Carmen Pavlovic’s mission to stage new musicals leads to Moulin Rouge!
by Jo Litson


Emily Sun
by Hugh Robertson

On the Record
by Clive Paget

Cutting Edge
by Claire Edwardes
New Music

Josquin des Prez
by Nicholas Routley
Classical Music

Some Achieve Greatness
by Diana Simmonds

La Traviata
by Deborah Jones

On Air & Online


A buffet of belief
Who is to say that The Force is any less potent to its believers than the Holy Trinity?
Guy Noble’s Soapbox

The Double Bass with Phoebe Russell
Phoebe Russell, Principal Double Bass at Queensland Symphony Orchestra, started playing the instrument after an arm wrestle at primary school, though she really wanted to play the harp. She now feels strongest and happiest with a double bass in her hands.
Playing Up

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Since our relaunch in late 2020, an enhanced range of content is available online for Limelight subscribers to access, including:

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  • Up-to-the-minute reviews of recorded performances available through streaming or as CDs, including exclusive reviews of Australian performers and Australian composers as well as visiting international artists
  • Online-only features including artist interviews, composer profiles, festivals, current issues and events
  • Online-only columns by musicians and music experts

This month’s online columns will include:

Composer of the Month

Recording of the Month
Tinalley String Quartet

Art Music Playlist
Cameron Lam

Film & Television
Lynden Barber


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