December 2021


Our reviewers and readers voted. We are thrilled to announce the 2021 winners . . .
by Paul Ballam-Cross, Phillip Scott, Hugh Robertson & Clive Paget

Simone Young takes up the baton as the Sydney Symphony’s Chief Conductor
by Harriet Cunningham

Our favourite books for music lovers to relish this summer
by Shamistha de Soysa

She’s a literary icon, but did you know she composed a treasure trove of songs?
by Tonya Lemoh & Narelle Yeo


Olivia Ansell
by Jo Litson

The Limelight Recording of the Year
by Clive Paget
Recordings | Coming 29 Nov

On The Record
by Clive Paget

Cutting Edge
by Kieran Welch
New Music

Mozart: The Reign of Love
by Clive Paget

The Worst Person in the World
by Lynden Barber

In the Limelight

A round-up of our recent news reports

Comings & Goings
The latest arts appointments and departures

On Stage
The buzz around live performance

On Air & Online
This month’s concert highlights from ABC Classic, independent radio and streaming


Gazing into ponds
There are big egos in music, but happily not too many narcissists, says Guy Noble, who is recovering from a difficult experience with a self-­described “visionary”.
Guy Noble’s Soapbox

The Trombone
Playing with the ELISION Ensemble for the first time was a wild ride – which is just how Ben Marks likes it. Now, he is discovering startling new possibilities for the trombone as composers explore the sounds ‘in the cracks’.
Playing up

Musical Detritus
What do we do with all the tangential stuff that colours how we experience music? Marie Kondo would know what to do with it.
Sacred Cow

Kip Williams
After a turbulent two years for Sydney Theatre Company, Artistic Director Kip WIlliams discusses what went into his new production of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.
5 Questions For

Ita Buttrose
Thanks to her beloved – and greatly talented – parents, music was ever-­present in the ABC Chair’s home when she was a child. The passion that was sparked then has never waned.
My Music

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