January–February 2021

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In the Limelight

The buzz around live performance in January and February

Arts industry news and views


We analyse this year’s offerings in theatres and concert halls 

by Ian Whitney, Deborah Jones, Jansson J. Antmann and Steve Dow

Sexual freedom and the subconscious in Shakespeare’s Dream
by Jansson J. Antmann

Meet David Hallberg, The Australian Ballet’s new Artistic Director
by Deborah Jones

How video games are brining classical music to millions
by Angus McPherson

Francesca Dego dances with “the Devil’s” favourite violin
by Clive Paget

Cultural and sporting institutions find themselves on the same team
by Andrew Mellor


Timothy Kain
by Matt Withers

One Hundred Years of British Song
by Clive Paget
Recording of the Month

On The Record
by Clive Paget

Cutting Edge
by Aviva Endean
New Music

The Picture of Dorian Gray
by Jo Litson

New Breed 2020
by Deborah Jones

by Clive Paget

by Lynden Barber

On Air & Online

Radio and live performances to stream this month

Each month we take a look at the highlights coming up in online streaming as well as on ABC Classic and the independent radio stations ArtSound, Fine Music Sydney, 3MBS, 4MBS and 5MBS.


The Organ
When he sang with his primary school choir at Sydney Town Hall the organ awoke something in David Drury. He has now played organs around the world – and the difference are mind-blowing.
Playing Up

Van-Anh Nguyen
5 Questions For

John Frost
My Music

Extra Content

Even before COVID-19, most music lovers had been accessing Limelight’s content through digital channels.  There is now substantially enhanced range of content that will only be available online. Only Limelight subscribers will be able to access the full range of content, which will include:

  • Reviews of live performances around Australia, published as soon as possible after the opening performance
  • Daily news from the music and broader performing arts scene in Australia and around the world
  • Up-to-the-minute reviews of recorded performances available through streaming or as CDs, including exclusive reviews of Australian performers and Australian composers as well as visiting international artists
  • Online-only features including artist interviews, composer profiles, festivals, current issues and events
  • Online-only columns by musicians and music experts

This month’s online columns will include:

Composer of the Month

Film & Television
Lynden Barber

Rising Star

Art Music Playlist
Cameron Lam


Jo Litson

Deputy Editor
Angus McPherson

Tristan Main

Clive Paget


Jansson A. Antmann, Lynden Barber, Peter Berner, Laura Biemmi, Jill Brown, Harriet Cunningham, Steve Dow, David Drury, Aviva Endean, John Frost, Deborah Jones, Andrew Mellor, Guy Noble, Ian Whitney, Matt Withers

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