July 2021

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In the Limelight

The editors of Limelight share their selection of the most exciting classical music, opera, theatre and dance events coming up in July.

Australians deserve to hear a great deal more music by First Nations peoples, women, gender non-conforming people, composers of colour, and our male contemporaries argues Felicity Wilcox.


The Australian Chamber Orchestra’s next musical and cinematic odyssey
by Harriet Cunningham

The fruitful, intoxicating relationship between opera and wine

Virginia Gay launches into playwrighting with two new shows
by Steve Dow

Paul Goodchild retires from the Sydney Symphony Orchestra after 41 years
by Vincent Plush


Damiano Michieletto
by Clive Paget

A Musical Bowerbird
by Patricia Maunder
Chamber Music

Robert Trevino’s Ravel
by Clive Paget
Recording of the Month

Cutting Edge
by Alexander Voltz
New Music

On the Record
by Clive Paget

Jamie Martín
by Clive Paget

by Jansson J. Antmann

Illuminate Adelaide
by Steve Dow

Buckley’s Chance
by Lynden Barber

A Star on Her Door
by Diana Simmonds

On Air & Online


Infected with gloom
Guy Noble owns up to a bad case of PCSD – Post-COVID Stress Disorder – manifested in unusual bouts of negativity, foreboding and absent-mindedness.
Guy Noble’s Soapbox

The Timpani
Timpanist/percussionist Brian Nixon plays with the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra and the Orchestra of the Antipodes among others. Next month, he performs as a soloist with the Australian Romantic & Classical Orchestra. He explains why you will often see the timpanist with an ear close to the drum.
Playing Up

Extra Content

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  • Online-only features including artist interviews, composer profiles, festivals, current issues and events
  • Online-only columns by musicians and music experts

This month’s online columns include:

Composer of the Month

Film & Television
Lynden Barber

Art Music Playlist
Cameron Lam

Caption Competition


Jo Litson

Tristan Main

Clive Paget

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