March 2021

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Andrew Ford’s new project proves the right idea for strange times
by Harriet Cunningham

Margaret Sutherland’s Violin Concerto is a ripper, so why is it not better known?
by Yvonne Frindle

Inside the loving redevelopment of Adelaide’s Her Majesty’s Theatre
by Steve Dow

How the groundbreaking Hamilton is helping redefine musical theatre
by Jo Litson


Conyngham’s Crowning Glory
by Vincent Plush

On the Record
by Clive Paget

Cutting Edge
by Luke Styles
New Music

by Deborah Jones

Kristian Fredrikson: Designer
by Lee Christofis

by Lynden Barber

On Air & Online


Practise, practise, practise
You can’t ‘fake news’ your way out of a bad performance, which is why many musicians suffer the curse of perfectionism.
Guy Noble’s Soapbox

The Oboe
Principal Oboe with Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Diana Doherty isn’t sure if she is in love with her instrument, but she can’t imagine life without it.
Playing Up

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