March 2022


Rediscovering Halévy’s opera La Juive as it takes to the Australian stage.
by Nick Fuller

Surely it’s time more classical repertoire incorporated electric instruments.
by Paul Ballam-Cross

Opera’s gendered violence is a complex issue, with no easy fix.
by Caitlin Vincent

Why Finnish concert pianist Paavali Jumppanen was drawn to ANAM.
by Patricia Maunder


Eddie Perfect
by Olivia Stewart

Lise Davidsen sings Grieg
by Justine Nguyen
Recording of the Month

On the Record
by Clive Paget

Cutting Edge
by Gabriella Smart
New Music

Bowral Autumn Music Festival
by Hugh Robertson

Wudjang: Not the Past
by Jo Litson

The Duke
by Lynden Barber

In the Limelight

A round-up of our recent news reports

Ruth Slenczynska
A child prodigy in the 1920s and a Decca artist in the 1950s and 60s, 97-year-old American pianist Ruth Slenczynska has now been re-signed by the label.

Comings & Goings
The latest arts appointments and departures

On Stage
The buzz around live performance

On Air & Online
This month’s concert highlights from ABC Classic, independent radio and streaming


Safe and sound?
Forced into box-ticking to be allowed to work (safely) at the Sydney Opera House, Guy Noble suddenly had an egotistical thought . . .
Guy Noble’s Soapbox

The Oud
Joseph Tawadros recalls how he got hooked on the oud, and how the instrument – and the teaching of it – is evolving as it becomes more accepted into orchestras around the world.
Playing up

It’s time to rethink music education
Has the time come for us to take a serious look at the way we teach music to children?
Sacred Cow

Joseph Twist
The Australian composer discusses his new oratorio Watershed: The Death of Dr Duncan, which premieres at the Adelaide Festival.
5 Questions

Mitchell Butel
Musicals, opera, film scores, classical guitar and the incomparable Stephen Sondheim are all part of the rich musical tapestry that inspires the State Theatre Company South Australia Artistic Director.
My Music

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