The cutting-edge US artist will discuss composing in a post-truth world and perform her work inspired by a military “blood chit”.

Cutting-edge composer, improvising harpist, writer and lecturer Anne LeBaron tells Limelight about her involvement in Perth’s Totally Huge New Music Festival as one of the Festival’s featured artists:

When Tos Mahoney, director of Tura New Music and the Totally Huge New Music Festival (THNWF), invited me to be one of the featured artists at the 2017 THNMF, I was intrigued and also thrilled. This will be my first time in Perth, and what a grand way to learn about West Australia! The festival will provide a rare opportunity for an overview of my work as a composer, improvising harpist, teacher/workshop leader, writer, and lecturer.

Anne LeBaron. Photograph supplied

Several pieces I’ve composed will be featured as part of the main concert on Friday October 27 at Subiaco Arts Centre. The day before, I deliver the keynote address at the State Library Theatre, “Sonic Ventures in Post-Truth Surrealism: Raudelunas, the Rev. Fred Lane, and Huxley’s Last Trip.” Designed to investigate the festival theme of how composers and sound artists function in...