It’s increasingly a woman’s world in streaming TV, at least as far as its leading characters are concerned. While Hollywood movie studios have long been criticised for their testosterone imbalance, the new digital economy of streaming TV is not short of meaty parts for women.

Sidse Babett Knudsen stars in Borgen – Power & Glory. Photo © Netflix

While some of the new era’s key breakthrough series were stories of dysfunctional men such as Tony Soprano, Don Draper or Walter White, these were all balanced by strong female roles. Since then we’ve seen the rise of many overtly women-driven stories, a shift so obvious that it’s often uncommented upon. This is now the sea we all swim in. Of course some series are better than others, but overall it’s brought a freshness to screen storytelling.

This month is a good example. Without consciously planning it, I’ve found myself watching three series centring on women, all of them anchored by exceptional lead performances.

They include a new, fourth series of the much-loved, Danish political drama Borgen, centred on that nation’s foreign minister – formerly the nation’s first female prime minister; the second season...