Among the thousands of performances and events that fell victim to the COVID-19 pandemic last year was Make Music Day, the international celebration of live music performances which falls on 21 June annually. Whilst it did not disappear completely, restrictions did force performances online making events like the 500-person flash mob choir in Sydney in 2019 impossible. This year, as Australian (and international) artists gradually return to public and in-person performances, Australia’s arts community is preparing for a new series of events and concerts, hoping to bring audiences back into public spaces and celebrating artists of all kinds.

Make Music DayNardean performing in Parramatta, Make Music Day 2019. Photo © Ken Leanfore.

Beginning in 1982 as Le Fête de la Musique, Make Music Day has grown into an international day of celebration, observed in over 1000 cities internationally. Aimed at bringing performance into accessible public spaces, the event receives support in differing capacities on both federal and state levels.

Just under two months ago, in April, the New South Wales Government announced $90,000 worth of funding for organisations participating and facilitating events for Make Music Day 2021....