György Ligeti, born in 1923, composed some of the most striking music of the 20th century. His sound is rooted in Hungarian folk music. While he didn’t know it, he also wrote the evocative theme to Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. His music was used without his knowledge.

Known for virtuosic, complex and meticulous rhythmic and modal patterns in his music, Ligeti longed to escape from the musical ideas of the past. This concert revealed just some of his extensive musical repertoire.

The performers were Edward Neeman and Aron Ottignon (piano), Donald Nicolson (harpsichord), the Alma Moodie Quartet, Fletcher Cox and Miroslav Bukovsky (trumpets) and saxophonist John Mackey.

Before the concert, composer and ABC The Music Show presenter Andrew Ford gave a talk on Ligeti in the School of Music lecture theatre. While revealing many interesting facts, Ford looked back on Ligeti’s creative output and what it means today.

The ANU School of Art and Design Gallery was the perfect setting for this performance. This atmospheric space was filled with vibrant colours and designs, creating an immersive and complete artistic experience.