How does it feel to have won the Limelight International Artist of the Year: People’s Choice?

It’s amazing, I just was totally overwhelmed and very surprised, to be honest, because I’ve not been in Melbourne before – [it was] my debut. Being appreciated that much was quite overwhelming, actually.

Anne-Sophie MutterAnne-Sophie Mutter. Photo © Stefan Höderath/DG

How did you enjoy the Australian tour?

Wonderfully well, amazingly. I mean I have been in Sydney a number of times and when I came back to Sydney before playing my debut in Melbourne, I took some time off and I visited Uluru and all the surroundings there, and I was just blown away by the beauty of the landscape and by the history. The first time I came to Australia I just had an immediate connection to the audience and people in general. But also, it’s such an amazing place, so different from the rest of the world. So every time I come I try to carve out a little time to see more of it.