I wonder whether you have been inundated, as I have, with requests for feedback from various commercial organisations. You stay at a hotel; “How did we do?” comes the inevitable email. You buy a product online and there is a request asking how you feel about it.

A row of four yellow balls with faces on them ranging from sad, happy, angry and worried. The happy face is in focus, the others more blurry.

Image © Gino Crescoli/Pixabay

Possibly the most ridiculous one I received was an email from Linkt asking if I was happy with my trip through the Lane Cove Tunnel in Sydney on 22 June and whether I could provide feedback. With pleasure. I described entering the tunnel and observing the speed limit, reported that the lighting was good and the road seemed smooth. One large drip splashed onto my windscreen approximately 30 seconds into the trip, but I quickly operated my windscreen wipers and continued. I thought that the white on the tunnel walls was a little tarnished and could be freshened up for a more invigorating experience, and suggested that the addition of some coloured lighting at the halfway point would give...