You’re known as a highly distinguished recitalist, so it’s perfect that you’ll be exploring such a wide song repertoire at this year’s Australian Festival of Chamber Music. You actually have the honour of opening the Festival with Eric Coates’ Bird Songs at Eventide.  

To be included in the opening concert of a festival is an honour in itself so it’s really wonderful to be at the top of the show, kicking the festivities off with such a beautiful song! It’s also so exciting to be part of so many of the concerts at the festival rather than just presenting one recital. Involving many artists in each concert is such a great approach to programming. Lotte Betts-Dean. Photo © Ben Ealovega

Was the Coates your choice or was that suggested to you?

I believe that was Kathy’s [Artistic Director Kathryn Stott] choice, I’ve not performed it before. That being said, when she initially approached me to be part of the festival, she had a list of vocal chamber pieces that she wanted to include in the festival program, and it was funny how many of them were pieces that I love. Some...