I was born and raised in Mackay in North Queensland and since my parents had a record player, our home was always filled with music. They listened to singers like Neil Diamond and Elvis Presley, but also Nana Mouskouri and lots of Greek folk music. Not that we’re Greek, but they loved that vibe and played other kinds of world music as well, such as Arabic music and the Gipsy Kings. It was an eclectic mix.

Louise Bezzina

Louise Bezzina. Photo © Dylan Evans

When I was young I used to make mixtapes. I can remember listening to Madonna and Kylie Minogue and then flipping over to Metallica and Guns N’ Roses. Back then I had a pink cassette player – an 80s style boombox that was big and clunky. I remember taking it on planes with me when I was a little girl and plugging my headphones in. Can you imagine? 

My sister and I learned to play the organ when we were young. I don’t actually remember why, but I only did it for a couple of years while my sister kept it up. I preferred...