I grew up in Boston and a large number of Black children in America, we get brought up in church. You first have to be part of the Sunday school choir and then as you grow up, if you behave, you become part of the church choir.

My godmother was a Jamaican lady like my mum. My mum was Church of England and my godmother was Baptist, so I would dutifully go with my mother to the Church of England which was very quiet and sedate, and then I would run down the street and sing with my godmother. I’d say to my mother, “Are you going to come?” and she’d say, “No, those Baptist people make too much noise!”

Marcia Hines. Photo © Riccardo Raiti

My godmother was the head singer in the choir. Children were not allowed in the choir box, but because my godmother was blind, I was allowed to sit with her and listen to these heavenly voices. My album The Gospel According to Marcia [released by ABC Music in November 2023] feels like going home for me, because that’s how I learned music, so to do a gospel album felt...