My mum and dad played in an amateur wind band as their hobby. I thought every grown-up played an instrument! Since my mum played the trumpet, I just wanted to be like her. I started playing when I was six. My mum was good friends with one of the trumpet players in the Norwegian National Opera Orchestra in Oslo, Heidi Johannessen, and she was very good with kids, so I started to learn with her.

It just felt very natural for me; I always knew that the trumpet was my instrument. I very quickly figured out that I wanted it to be my job, not only my hobby.

Tine Thing Helseth. Photo © Anna-Julia Granberg/Blunderbuss

The reason I even knew that being a trumpet soloist could be a job was because of a Norwegian player Ole Edvard Antonsen, who my parents actually knew.

In terms of trumpeters who inspired me, you have the old legends like Maurice André, and I really admire a Scandinavian player called Håkan Hardenberger. I’ve also been inspired by jazz players and musicians in other genres who have a very...