The Australian Ballet has today (16 January) announced that Prue Lang and Deanne Butterworth will take up the company’s Primrose Potter Australian Ballet Centre residencies.

The Residency Program offers Lang and Butterworth access to a rehearsal space and facilities at the Primrose Potter Australian Ballet Centre in 2024/2025 and provide a grant of $18,000 to both choreographers to support them over their residency period.

Deanne Butterworth and Prue Lang. Photos supplied

From Melbourne, Lang is an experienced performer and choreographer and will move into the Primrose Potter Australian Ballet Centre in April, while The Australian Ballet is on tour for the Sydney seasons of Carmen and Études/Circle Electric.

Lang will use the residency to create a new work, POESIS, with performers Amber McCartney and Benjamin Hancock and composer/DJ Chiara Costanza.

Also Melbourne-based, dancer and choreographer Deanne Butterworth will commence her residency in 2025 in order to crystalise her new work, Half Half, a contemporary production juxtaposing rigorously complex dancing with a slowing down of movement.

“The Australian Ballet Studio Residency at the Primrose Potter Centre will provide me with much needed studio space and resources to experiment and develop new work with other...