Nick Garbett’s band, The Glider, doesn’t feel like Nick Garbett’s band. The way the ensemble performed at The Great Club on Thursday night suggested a musical unit with a unique, egalitarian resolution at its core. It could have been Matt Keegan’s band, or Dave Rodriguez’ band, or Aykho Akhrif’s band, or Pat Harris’ band.

Each player exuded a blooming warmth through their respective instruments, carving out the celestial sounds off Garbett’s 2021 titular album The Glider.

Rodriguez initiated the set on his electric guitar, lapping the delay pedals, throwing the dark venue into a hypnotic state.

Immediately, audiences were thrust into a trance-like blur, as Harris accompanied the wallowing, hollow sounds with his short licks on his Hofner Ignition bass, each note clipped with an exhilarating, acute voltage.

Garbett entered on his trumpet, sculpting a spliced, wispy sound and dyeing the entire room with a desert-beige tone colour. I could have been in the Nevada desert, trapped in a film noir scene, a lone salesperson wrapped in a scarf, or lost in the mountains of Turkey.

Finn Ryan provided a solid, unimposing presence on the drums while Aykho...