Welcome to the Australian Art Music playlist! A monthly playlist of classical, jazz, experimental and electronic music focused on contemporary Australian composers, musicians and sound artists.

The mesmerising beauty of a kaleidoscope comes from multiple reflections and ever-changing arrangements of translucent coloured glass, creating endless permutations of pattern, colour and texture. 

This month’s playlist takes this as a metaphor as we explore music that takes voices, instruments and other source sounds as a centrepiece to be reflected on, permuted, and expanded into an endless array of musical colour. It is a celebration of the wealth and diversity of style our artists have under the broad umbrella of art music, and its associated genres of Classical, Jazz, Sound Art, and Improvised and Experimental Music. I hope you find pieces that challenge you, inspire you, and comfort you in the list.

If you’re wanting more music to explore I would, as always, recommend the Australian Art Music Archive, with all previously featured tracks (now just over 1,300!) and our new community listening project: 1,000 Curious Ears – the February edition of that playlist is available here (featuring 11 different full albums!) and on the community Facebook group.

Until next month, may you experience the wonder and joy that only a full rainbow of colours can bring.


  1. Small Round Strangely Furry with Spots Stripes and Other Patterns by Connor D’Netto | performed by Jonathan Leeds, Maja Horvat & Joe Howson
  2. Three Birds by Belle Chen
  3. Drowning In The Weight Of Your Expectations by Sophie Rose
  4. The Perfumed Calyx by Lyle Chan | performed by HD Duo (Michael Duke & David Howie)
  5. I. Wind (Of Ancestors) from Biamanga Juxtaposed by Eric Avery | performed by Ensemble Offspring
  6. Northern Storm by Madeleine Cocolas
  7. Panorama by Alex Hirlian & Matthew Thomson | performed by Tourismo
  8. IV. Aloe Vera from String Quartet No. 2: Sundried by Alice Chance | performed by Acacia Quartet
  9. Part II (magnolia grandiflora) from Sonata for Piano by Kym Alexandra Dillon
  10. Build It in Your Sleep by Lucas Arundell | performed by Yemi Gonzales, Héloïse Lefebvre, Ruth Mogrovejo, Lee Caspi, Natalie Plöger, & James P. Scannell
  11. Cockatoo Rave by Reuben Lewis | performed by I Hold the Lion’s Paw
  12. Gesualdo by Theo Carbo | performed by The Rest Is Silence (Flora Carbo, Theo Carbo, Isaac Gunnoo & Maddison Carter)
  13. VIII. Skin Changing from Sex Magic by Liza Lim | performed by Claire Chase & Senem Pirler
  14. Repetition Compulsion by Thembi Soddell
  15. Planetary by Michaela Gleave, Amanda Cole & Louise Devenish | performed by The Sound Collectors Lab (Hamish Upton, Kaylie Melville, Nat Grant, Louise Devenish)
  16. I touched your Glistening Tears by Brenton Broadstock | performed by Michael Duke, David Howie, & Julian Smiles
  17. Chronotope-Situation No. 2 by Pedro Alvarez | performed by Decibel New Music Ensemble
  18. IV. Green from Spectrum by Sally Whitwell | performed by Divisi Chamber Singers & Coady Green
  19. Blue Waves by Alexandra Spence
  20. Earth Cry by Peter Sculthorpe | performed by William Barton & Queensland Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Michael Christie

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