This March marks 10 years since Brisbane’s “post-genre music and arts series” Dots+Loops put on their first show, one that aimed to “explore the spaces in between a traditional classical concert, an underground club gig, and an experimental art show”.

To celebrate the milestone, Dots+Loops is about to throw itself a multi-sensory birthday spectacular, Dots+Loops REWIND, on 16 March at Brisbane’s Powerhouse, featuring highlights from previous shows by the likes of Kate Moore, Chris Perren and Pamela Z.

Ahead of the birthday bash, Dots+Loops Co-directors Kieran Welch, Connor D’Netto and Flora Wong talk about what that first decade meant for them.

Nonsemble at Dots+Loops #1 in 2014. Photo © Jeannie Wong

Kieran, what is the most memorable thing for you about that first show?

Ooh, there are so many things. I can still remember getting ready in the green room, and being so nervous but also excited. I remember how much Chris [Perren]’s piece Go Seigen vs. Fujisawa Kuranosuke meant to me, and really hoping it would translate to the audience. I remember being surprised that so many people actually came – and cared!

But if I have to choose one thing,...