Welcome to the Australian Art Music playlist! A monthly playlist of classical, jazz, experimental and electronic music focused on contemporary Australian composers, musicians and sound artists.

Australian Art Music Playlist June 2023

Jane Sheldon, Camerata – Queensland’s Chamber Orchestra, Nadje Noordhuis, and Tim Shiel & Mindy Meng Wang.

This month’s playlist is more associative than most, so I’ll hope you’ll forgive me for “Oops all vibes”. But, here we have an excellent collection of music that rewards slow or repeated listening. Whether it is the ambience of the ensemble, the groove of a jazz band, or the mood captured by performer and composer over these longer-form pieces, there’s lots to discover on the playlist this month. 

As always this is just a taster, so if any of these works catch your ear, go check out the full album, or the artist’s back catalogue.


    1. 101 by Kate Moore | performed by Herz Ensemble
    2. Now Will Be Then by Ellen Kirkwood | performed by Spectra Jazz Orchestra
    3. American Counterpoint, Pt. IV by Matthew...