Welcome to the Australian Art Music playlist! A monthly playlist of classical, jazz, experimental and electronic music focused on contemporary Australian composers, musicians and sound artists.

I love a fast, driving piece of music. Something who’s energy sweeps you away or the chaos of stimulus overwhelms you. And maybe that’s another month’s playlist. But this month I wanted to explore slower, more spacious pieces – to actively take time to sit with music that unfurls interestingly but gradually.

I’ve found this to be really rewarding collection of pieces, and I hope you find the same, over a cup of tea or just a moment to stop in the midst of a busy day.

There’s a wider range of topics and instrumentations this month, from orchestra to solo piano to jazz quintet with EWI and everything in between. Some of the featured recording released in the last week, and some are from the early 2000’s, always an excellent sign of the wealth of music there is to discover.

If you’re still wanting more music to explore I’d always recommend the Australian Art Music Archive, with all 1,363 previously featured tracks (roughly 140 hours of music) and our new community listening project: 1,000 Curious Ears – the May edition of that playlist is available here and on the community Facebook group.

Until next month, may you take the time to stop, and immerse yourself in the art around you.


  1. Ghadu (Sea) underscore by Brenda Gifford & Jessica Wells | performed by Ensemble Offspring
  2. Ferry Me Across the Water by Lyn Williams | performed by Gondwana Voices, cond. Lyn Williams
  3. Rumination by Alexandra Mison
  4. Splinter by Holly Harrison | performed by Adelaide Wind Orchestra
  5. Everything is Illuminated by Lisa Cheney | performed by Joe Rebman, Nicoletta Favari, Chris Salvito, Alfonso Fernandez, Anne Wybenga, Lili Sarayrah, Sam Bobinski, & Julian Pellicano
  6. Isolation from Night Pieces “Reflections After COVID-19” by Linda Kouvaras | performed by Justin Kenealy & Coady Green
  7. To Rise by Damian Barbeler | performed by The Australian Voices, cond. Stephen Leek
  8. The Rains by James Henry | performed by Ensemble Offspring
  9. Lachrymosa from Septboe by Graham Powning | performed by Celia Craig
  10. The Lowest Drawer by Cat Hope | performed by Decibel New Music Ensemble
  11. Suite for Max by Angela Davis | performed by Angela Davis, Stephen Magnusson, Frank Di Sario, & Patrick Danao
  12. Exposure Bucks by Gemma Farrell | performed by Gemma Farrell Quintet
  13. Ferrofluid by Mindy Meng Wang 王萌 
  14. Aftermath from Piano Sonata by Thomas Misson | performed by Jack Barnes
  15. Last Light by Katy Abbott | performed by Jeanell Carrigan
  16. String Quartet by Nigel Butterley | performed by The Kreutzer Quartet
  17. Global Warming, Final Warning from The Environmental Symphony by Allan Zavod | performed by Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, cond. Benjamin Northey, narrated by Sir Richard Branson
  18. undone by Sarah Elise Thompson | performed by Deborah Cheetham, Monica Curro, & Stefan Cassomenos
  19. Two Tides from Brackish Songs by Christopher Sainsbury | performed by Merinda Dias-Jayasinha & Ken Murray
  20. Clarinet Quintet by Lachlan Skipworth | performed by Ashley William Smith, Akiko Miyazawa, Kate Sullivan, Ben Caddy, & Jon Tooby
  21. And yet the radiance…’ from Wimmera Song Cycle by Ruth Lee Martin | performed by Alison Morgan, Jenny Duck-Chong, Sally Walker, Sally Whitwell, & Geoffrey Gartner (Halcyon)

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