Maroochydore. A quiet, coastal town within Queensland’s Sunshine Coast Region, and a once-holiday destination for me and my parents. I’m pleased to report that my childhood memories of Maroochydore remain current: there are still lots of palm trees and lots of beach towels!

And now from Maroochydore comes Australia’s latest musical expression on COVID-19, commissioned as part of an exciting multinational project.

Brenton Broadstock

Brenton Broadstock. Photo supplied

One might expect the home of a composer to be cluttered and sprawling, but Brenton Broadstock’s is meticulously ordered. It’s become clear to me over the last 18 months that this composer strives for precision in all things. Although I haven’t visited him since June last year, our frequent correspondence has demonstrated his knowledge, wisdom and humour. Now, in person, I see that he is looking very healthy. That gladdens me, because this man is my mentor and friend – as he is to many others.

Broadstock is one of Australia’s national treasures. Boasting an impressive catalogue of seven symphonies, four concertos, four string quartets, a chamber opera based on Fahrenheit 451 and many...