How did Live At Yours begin?

Life as we had known it stopped. Overnight, we were grounded in one place and unable to perform for a live audience. We allowed the silence in, rehearsed music together, reflected on its meaning in our society, and were fortunate to have Elena Kats-Chernin write Wandering Hearts for us. As soon as restrictions eased, we began performing for [groups of] 20 in people’s homes, starting with our own! It was a way for us to keep performing and connecting with audiences when all the concert halls were closed. We ended up performing over 50 of these ‘salon’ concerts throughout NSW in six months, and Live At Yours was born.

Vladimir Fanshil sits on a stool in a white shirt.

Vladimir Fanshil. Photo supplied

What distinguishes Live At Yours concerts?

Live At Yours is not only a concert, but an experience. We love characterful architecture and unusual spaces, in which a broader audience feels at ease. By treating each concert as a ‘salon’, we invite the audience into the personal space of the artist and thus share deep insights into them and...