Vinyl is back. I have joined the club with the purchase of a new turntable and some old records from a garage sale. I think vinyl sounds better, but it might just be my imagination. On a technical level, analogue sound waves certainly look like actual waves at the beach, whereas digital music looks like a sharp set of stairs. Maybe this is why an analogue record sounds better; it’s just more human and fluid. 

A vinyl record being played on a modern record player.

Photo © Pixabay/Pexels

Don’t get me wrong, I love the convenience of digital music. You can be driving and dial up any piece of music from any time in history on your phone and play it immediately on your car speakers, which is much easier than having a record player in your dashboard and fiddling with record sleeves and a stylus at 110km/h on a freeway. But there’s not much romance about an MP3. 

I can’t actually remember the first record I bought with my own money, but a lot of people do and think of that album with great fondness. Who mists up at the memory of...