I am starting to wonder if I am suffering from theatrical ADHD.

Amadeus at the Sydney Opera House was wonderful, but I could tell from the shuffling in seats that other people also thought that the last half hour was a bit of a stretch. (There is only so much ranting at God that you can cope with, even if it’s high-quality ranting from Michael Sheen.) 

Guy Noble's Soapbox

Photo © Monicore/Pexels.

The Concert Hall at the Sydney Opera House might have vastly improved acoustics, but the seats are still uncomfortable and too close together, and no one can get in or out without the entire row standing up to let you go past. I am always in a quandary about whether I should present my front or my bottom to audience members as I pass? 

It turns out there was quite a debate about this between two of Australia’s leading etiquette specialists.

Quoted in a Sydney Morning Herald article in 2014, Ita Buttrose said you should move along the row facing those who have stood up...