Congratulations on being named Limelight‘s International Artist of the Year: Critics’ Choice.

I think for me it’s always something very special when you understand that people from so many different cultures and regions and countries are sensitive to what you are doing in this small part of the older Europe, so it’s really a pleasure to see our work become closer to people who are very far.

jordi savallJordi Savall. Photo © David Ignaszewski 

For me it makes me think of this phrase, that music is the shortest distance between people from very different regions in the world and very different cultures. Music is what makes us come close to each other and I think this is, for me, what I appreciate in this recognition, to see music become a real language of communication and when we talk about beauty and spirituality, you reach any person. I was in Japan last week and I found the same sensitivity two weeks ago when we were in Mexico. I think this is the most marvellous thing in my job. To see how music becomes really a beautiful way to reach the soul of the people.

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