VOCES8 may have only visited Australia once so far, but the London-based vocal octet easily carried the popular vote for Limelight’s 2021 International Artist of the Year, a testament not just to their silken vocals but to their gift for global outreach.

It probably had a lot to do with their response to the pandemic. Reinventing themselves as stage managers, camera technicians and, crucially, impresarios, they produced a highly successful series of online events watched by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

Watch this exclusive video interview, as Limelight’s Editor-at-Large Clive Paget speaks to Paul and Barnaby Smith about their commitment to music-making, and to their community – both their professional network but their audience as well.

“One of the things we’ve learned from our Live from London concerts is there are some crazy Australians who tune it at a very strange time of day, always live with us,” says Paul Smith, VOCES8’s CEO. Along with his brother, co-founder and Artistic Director Barnaby Smith, he is chatting over Zoom from their office in the magnificent St Anne and St Agnes Church in the...