My parents weren’t musicians, but they were very musical. My dad played the harmonica when he was in the army, and my mum is from the Philippines where music flows through our veins, so she sang around the house a lot.

Victoria Falconer. Photo © Harvey House Photography

She’s a child of the 1960s and 1970s, so if there was pop music in the house, it was Dusty Springfield, ABBA or Manila Sound, which was a knockoff of Western disco by Filipino bands like the Boyfriends. (I mean that in themost loving way.) My mum loved the Bee Gees, but she had their Philippine equivalents as well.

I grew up Catholic, so my first brush with music was at church. We lived in country Victoria, so instead of a big booming pipe organ we had a reedy little electronic one. Electronic organs were big in the Nineties. Organ salesmen went around selling them, my school had them, and my parents bought me one with whatever meagre savings they had – being farmers in a drought, it wasn’t a very flush time.

The organs got bigger and bigger, and the fanciest one I played had a...