Born: Melbourne
Studies: With Dr Robin Wilson at ANAM
Likes: Travel, astronomy, animals, particularly cats
Dislikes: Aeroplane food, saying goodbye to friends

Christian LiChristian Li

How did you feel when you became the youngest winner of the Junior First Prize at the Yehudi Menuhin Violin Competition?

It was a great surprise because I never expected to win with so many great young violinists there. I felt excited because I worked so hard for it, and so it was time to enjoy it!

How did you cope with the media coverage?

After winning the Menuhin competition, my teacher and parents tried to reduce the media interviews, because I was still young. But at the same time they know I do need to face the media as it’s an important part of a career. I was nervous at the beginning, but now I am gradually getting used to it.

Do you come from a musical family?

Mum and Dad are not musicians. But I was told my music genes are inherited from my grandfather.

How old were you when you began playing the violin, and why?

I was five. I started violin initially as a hobby, having one lesson per week. I took...