Season Preview: Your guide to the arts in 2024

With a huge collaborative three-part program for Adelaide Festival, contemporary collaborations and – of course – symphonic classics, Adelaide Symphony Orchestra (ASO) has announced its 2024 season. 

Julia Brittain (Tutti Violin), David Sharp (Tutti Cello), Emma Gregan (Tutti Horn), Lisa Gill (Tutti Flute) and Dean Newcomb (Principal Clarinet) for ASO’s 2024 season. Photo supplied

“Our 2024 season showcases epic collaborations such as the Rachmaninov Symphonies project and Floods of Fire, great musical works in the Symphony Series, and spectacular events including Harry Potter in Concert,” said CEO Colin Cornish.

“ASO is known for its performing brilliance and diversity of engagement with South Australians, and 2024 promises to be a season in which we reach even more members of our community.”

While the full program for the 2024 Adelaide Festival is yet to be announced (stay tuned), the ASO has revealed that it will participate across the last two days, in Floods of Fire