Opera Australia’s multi-million dollar production of The Phantom of the Opera on Sydney Harbour has been thrown into chaos after allegations of bullying were made against the company’s long-serving Artistic Director Lyndon Terracini.

A report in today’s Sydney Morning Herald revealed the cast of the show considered withdrawing from a performance over the allegations, centring on actor Callum Francis who plays the character Raoul.

HOSH Phantom of the Opera

Joshua Robson, Georgina Hopson and Callum Francis, who will star in Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour – The Phantom of the Opera. Photo © Daniel Boud

Francis did not appear in Tuesday night’s performance. Terracini told the Herald it was due to concerns for Francis’s voice after having recently recovered from COVID-19. However there are reports from people involved in the production that Francis’s no-show was due to a strained personal relationship with Terracini.

It is alleged that Terracini recently made an offensive remark to Francis; speaking to the Herald, Terracini denied making the remark.

It was reported that members of the cast were considering “holding the curtain”, an industry term describing what is effectively a strike, with performers not going on stage in...