Trevor Green, musician, arts administrator and former managing director of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, has died.

A classically trained trumpeter who played with the BBC Scottish Symphony, Green moved into orchestra management in the United Kingdom, serving as the BBC’s head of music in Manchester.

Green moved to Australia in the mid-1990s to direct concert music at the ABC and in 1997 took over the reins of the Australian National Academy of Music. He moved to the MSO in 1999, working alongside Chief Conductors Markus Stenz and Oleg Caetani.

The insider knowledge gained as a musician served Green well in management roles. In an interview with the Australian Financial Review, he told the journalist, “I have the trust of the orchestra. They might not all agree with me, but they trust that I understand them.”

“I can understand the logic of wanting to get in people who can understand balance sheets, have leadership and human resources skills. But it’s a very different workforce, an orchestra, and one of the greatest examples of teams you can have. It’s 104 musicians who don’t all get on with each other, but when they get on stage they never let their personal...