Don’t expect to come out of this production with your faith (or otherwise) in a Higher Power shifted one way or the other. But you can be reasonably sure that you will emerge in some way moved.

Anthony Gooley and Elijah Williams in A Case for the Existence of God. Photo © Phil Erbacher

Samuel D. Hunter’s single set play opens in an office cubicle in Twin Falls, Idaho, where two men have come together to talk over a mortgage.

The hopeful applicant is Ryan (played by Anthony Gooley), the recently separated dad of a toddler daughter. He’s hoping to buy a remnant of the land on which his forebears once built a homestead. Eventually, Ryan wants to do likewise, but this is about more than real estate and family sentiment. Without a place to call his own, he believes, he’ll be spun off into the void.

Mortgage broker Keith (Elijah Williams) is keen to do his best for his client. It won’t be easy, however; Ryan has a lousy credit history, a poorly paid job in a yoghurt factory, no assets and his grasp on the workings of the home loan...