Watching streamed music concerts is a bit like listening to the radio; it’s a very intimate affair. Just as a radio listener feels the presenter is talking only to them, a streamed music concert is as though some of the world’s top music performers are right there in the living room, playing just for … me. It’s especially so with chamber music, for that’s how it was intended back in the day. Often, it was written to be played in the drawing room by, with and for family and a few friends.

In these times of quarantine and physical distancing, the proverb ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ has become front and centre in the thinking of many, from business owners, to school teachers, to artists. It has been the most challenging for artists, perhaps, but look what they are achieving.

In Selby & Friends’ 2020 season, their Tour 2 concert, Let’s Get Personal was, if not prophetic, apt in nomenclature, as well as innovative in its approach. The concert was filmed and then given a limited streaming season, with access by purchased ticketing. But it was more than a concert, for there also was a 45-minute pre-concert talk.