Violinist Linus Roth continues his championing of the prolific Mieczysław Weinberg in fine style with a compelling account of the A Minor Piano Trio in the company of pianist José Gallardo and cellist Danjulo Ishizaka.


Composed in 1945, the increasingly popular Trio (recorded performances now in double-figures) was Roth’s first, Damascene encounter with Weinberg’s music. Using a copy of the original manuscript, due attention is paid to obligated dynamics, in which shards of light shine through “deep abysses and darkness”, phrasings, and what Roth describes as the work’s defining “peculiarities”.

Those qualities light up a performance of considered gravity and weight enhanced by dexterously realised contrasts. It’s underpinned by the sincere emotional engagement of all three participants, their forceful but eloquent reciprocity making for an absorbing experience, individual voices muscularly assertive when required, richly suppliant and supportive elsewhere.

Roth is joined by Janusz Wawrowski for the Sonata for Two Violins (1959), an intimate dialogue laced with accents of Weinberg’s Jewish inheritance. A darkly ravishing piece hewn from the heart and lit up by...