Mark Kilmurry’s Outdated is a wisp of a play really, about ordinary people who have everyday hopes and desires and their fair share of everyday flaws. Olivia (Rachel Gordon) and Matt (Yalin Ozucelik) aren’t particularly young, or exciting, or witty, or wealthy, or anything else that would make them stand out. They are your bog-standard 40-somethings who have loved before, been hurt, and are tentatively trying to find love again.

Yalin Ozucelik and Rachel Gordon in Outdated. Photograph © Prudence Upton

This means Olivia and Matt must throw themselves back into the turbulent waters of the dating pool – and it goes without saying not everything is smooth sailing. It also goes without saying that things come to a satisfactory conclusion. It’s what one wants and expects from a romantic comedy and Kilmurry, who also directs, delivers.

Outdated may exist entirely in the comfortable, unsurprising realm of wish fulfilment but it does so with bags of spark and warmth. Kilmurry is intensely sympathetic towards his two stumbling, bumbling, would-be lovers, both of them clearly so smart and capable in any circumstance other than this.

Kilmurry’s super-keen eye for the little absurdities and frailties of the...