This successful Opera Queensland double bill, featuring The Human Voice by Poulenc and The Call by Connor D’Netto, shines a light on mental health through the means of opera. The first shows humans as shallow, dependant beings, and how relationships are strained due to this. The second speaks of the importance of seeking support through personal difficulties.

Ali McGregor Alexandra Flood

Ali McGregor and Alexandra Flood. Photo supplied

Sopranos Alexandra Flood and Ali McGregor fully engross themselves into the deeply complex and unstable characters of Elle (Flood) in The Human Voice and Auburn Sheaffer McGregor) in The Call to take the audience on a heavily emotional journey, which could only finish with a standing ovation at the end of opening night.

Conductor Zoe Zeniodi and the Queensland Symphony Orchestra prepared both operas to a standard that suited the genres with complete stylistic perfection, which is of course merit to Zeniodi’s leadership and knowledge. The Human Voice (which features a libretto by Jean Cocteau) felt almost spontaneous and moved in a life-like manner, which had the audience travelling the journey...