Welcome to the Australian Art Music playlist! A monthly playlist of classical, jazz, experimental and electronic music focused on contemporary Australian composers, musicians and sound artists.

And just like that we’re at the end of another year. It has been a tremendous year for the scope and range of Australian Art Music releases, which made picking these tracks all the harder. I do recommend checking out the Australian Art Music archive if you’d like a full recap.

If you’ve been following music industry news over the past few months, you’ll know Spotify is changing their royalty payout model in 2024. Tracks will now require 1000 listens per year in order to receive royalties. To aid our art music creators, I’m setting up a community listening project, 1000 Curious Ears, to launch in January. If you’re interested as either a musician to submit your tracks, or as listener to support, join the Facebook group. This first of those playlist will launch in mid-January.

Thank you for joining me and lending your ears of some of Australian’s finest composers, performers, improvisers and sound...