The Primrose Potter Salon is a performance room that’s part of the larger complex of venues at the Melbourne Recital Centre.

It’s a lovely place, with a beautiful grand piano and excellent ambience. Named after Lady Primrose, a 92-year-old philanthropist and arts administrator best known for her support of The Australian Ballet, the salon offers “emerging and upcoming artists” the chance to play in an intimate and warm environment.

Melbourne Recital Centre. Photo supplied

Since the MRC opened in 2009, the Salon has hosted many diverse and wonderful artists. Generally speaking, however, those who attend these cosy events tend to be less varied in appearance. Typically able-bodied, white and middle-class, they embody the characteristics of Melbourne’s privileged arts-going audience.

Nat Bartsch’s recent show (19 March) at the Salon was a different story.

Part of the MRC’s Relaxed Performance Series, it was held at noon and designed to cater for school groups, including but not only, schools for people with disabilities. Bartsch says these performances are open to anyone, including to those “who might just find it easier to come to a concert in the middle of the day”, or who might appreciate...