You joined the QSO cello section in 1991, and have also been composing, arranging and orchestrating since then. How did the composing begin?

One of my first concerts with QSO was on an Asian tour. They’d asked a concert band arranger to do a version of Waltzing Matilda and it wasn’t the best, so being young and brash I loudly proclaimed that “I could do a better job in my sleep”. The CEO said “great, you’ve got three days”. I came up with the goods and we played it on tour. I recently found that arrangement – it was awful! Luckily I kept writing and arranging for orchestras and got much better.

Craig Allister Young

Craig Allister Young. Photo Supplied.

Your latest piece has its world premiere at the QSO Favourites concert in February. How did it come about?

I was asked by our artistic programming team to write a celebratory piece for a program next year. The concert includes favourites of our audience and players, so I decided to write something that was fun to play and appealing to listen to. 

I believe it celebrates the QSO’s 75th birthday....