‘Blue gives colour its vibration.’

– Paul Cezanne

Kinds of Blue bathes in a palette of blue sonorities and bluesy, suspended textures.

The work draws inspiration from four of Mark Rothko’s blue-centric works, from Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue and Sketches of Spain, and also from the blue renderings in filmmaker Derek Jarman’s book Chroma. Jarman says that without darkness, we wouldn’t perceive light, and this is tied to his moving written depiction of the blues that surrounded his illness with AIDS. 

Miriama Young

Miriama Young. Photo © Ishna Jacobs

Conversations during the writing process with Maestra Jessica Cottis, Canberra Symphony Orchestra ‘s (CSO) Chief Conductor and Artistic Director, helped ferment ideas for this work and I am thankful for her inspirational and generous spirit. 

When Jessica Cottis approached me about the commission for the CSO’s Electric Blue concerts, I immediately began to free associate – imagining a palette of sonified blues and blue metaphors – from blue skies to electric blues, sad blues and exhilarating blues. I thought...