I’m really grateful for my mum’s taste in music. I still listen to so many albums that I grew up listening to, and I think a lot of those artists really inform my own sound and the way that I sing. I’m not gonna lie, we’re a huge Celine Dion family! I have been lucky enough to see her live three times. We really do love Celine. I love dissecting the way that she sings. I think that she’s an absolute powerhouse with a one-in-a-million voice. We had a tradition where we’d listen to her Christmas album when we put up the Christmas tree. 

My Music

Stefanie Jones. Photo © Daniel Boud.

My mum is a huge Elton John fan, so I grew up listening to a lot of his music and also k.d. lang. She has such an amazing quality to her voice. It’s so smooth, like butter.

When I was close to my third birthday, I started saying, “Violin, Mum, I want to play violin”. My mum wasn’t sure how I even knew what the violin was, she thought maybe I’d seen it on