The Australian National Academy of Music has announced the 2025 ANAM Set.

Eighteen emerging and established composers from across Australia and New Zealand have been commissioned to write a six-minute work for a duo or soloist for musicians in their final year at ANAM.

Bryony Marks

Bryony Marks. Photo supplied

The 2025 ANAM Set composers are: Karlo Margetic, Joseph Franklin, Carolyn Schofield, Jane Sheldon, Louisa Trewartha, Ella Macens, Bryony Marks, James Rushford, Ian Munro, Matthew Hindson, Margery Smith, Aditya Bhat, Eli Simić-Pošić, Peter Højby-Morrison, Brenda Gifford, May Lyon, Maria Grenfell and Tristan Coelho.

The works for the 2025 ANAM Set will be premiered at the Abbotsford Convent next year in a string of performances from June to November.

This is the third iteration of the ANAM Set. At the end of 2025, the project will have commissioned 105 new works from Australian composers. 

ANAM Artistic Director Paavali Jumppanen said while the program was originally designed to end in 2024, the quality of applications left ANAM “absolutely compelled” to enable a new round of commissioning for 2025.

ANAM student Aditya Bhat performing. Photo © Helga Salwe

“I am extremely proud of the continuation of this incredible project that focuses on the creation of new work and provides invaluable collaborative opportunities for our musicians and composers across Australia and New Zealand.

“It has been a thrill and a pleasure to yet again pair performers with composers, empowering our young and hungry musicians to encounter the cutting edge creation of new music represented by these composers. I am confident that this survey will inspire musicians and enrich our cultural landscape for years to come.”

The 2024 ANAM Set was announced in October last year, and counted Hollis Taylor, John Rose, Lachlan Skipworth and Aaron Wyatt amongst its cohort. The works premiere as a part of ANAM’s 2024 Recital series.

Bryony Marks, a prolific screen and theatre composer, is “thrilled” to be paired with bassoonist Kina Lin-Wilmoth.

“ANAM’s commitment to this in-depth collaboration between musician and composer is as inspired as it is inspiring, as writing for a certain player – their capabilities but more importantly their unique musicality and personality – is one of the most enriching facets of composition.”

More about the ANAM Set can be found here.

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