After a year of profound uncertainty regarding the collective future of the BBC Singers, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has announced “a sustainable plan for the future” for the vocal ensemble, one that draws on support from the UK’s VOCES8 Foundation.

The working details of the partnership has yet to be released, though it appears that the BBC Singers and their support staff will continue to be employed by by the BBC and that the ensemble will retain its artistic identity.

The BBC Singers. Photo supplied

“Following an exploration of options, the proposal will draw on the VOCES8 Foundation’s considerable experience and expertise across music education and community engagement,” said a BBC spokesperson in a statement.

“This partnership builds on the valuable education and community work the BBC Singers already deliver across East London, as well as the commercial work already undertaken, and we will continue to identify new opportunities for additional revenue for the ensemble.”

The announcement will come as a considerable relief to the staff and vocalists of the BBC Singers in the ensemble’s 100th year – an anniversary that appeared in doubt when the BBC announced that...