What a wonderful idea. To group each volume in this new complete survey of Haydn’s Piano Trios not chronologically but in a way that provides a satisfying listening experience in one sitting, yes. But especially to commission a new short work inspired by one of the trios in each program. In this case, it’s Johannes Julius Fischer’s hilarious “one bar wonder” – a loopy loop inspired by the Andante from Haydn’s Piano Trio No 20 in D. 

Trio Gaspard

Although it comes last in the program its performance is indicative of Trio Gaspard’s approach to Haydn overall: affectionate, intelligent and always alert to Haydn’s musical inventiveness and sense of humour. Indeed, the performers (Jonian Ilias Kadesha, violin; Vashti Mimosa Hunter, cello; Nicholas Rimmer, piano) regularly program Haydn’s trios in their concerts, alongside those of composers from every period. So, there’s a clear commitment to conversation not just within each work but between all works… and all composers.

This gives their playing a quality that is at once both...