There’s something really satisfying (for an extroverted linguistics nerd, at least) about having an excellent dinner/house party conversation in which no one knows the answer to the question being asked, but everyone has some expertise to offer on the subject anyway.

Climate change is one of those subjects that, frustratingly, has no solution that is feasibly within a regular dinner party guest’s control.

The conversation can only really end in one of two ways: amicably agreeing that there is no answer, and we must find a way to carry on anyway, or, one person preaching doom and/or the non-existence of climate change to the rest of the group until someone changes the subject.

Scenes from the Climate Era: Ariadne Sgouros, Harriet Gordon-Anderson, Charles Wu, Brandon McClelland and Abbie-lee Lewis. Photo © Brett Boardman

Game designer and playwright David Finnigan’s Scenes from the Climate Era remarkably, accurately and poignantly captures the best dinner party conversation about climate change you could hope to have, and then some....