This fifth instalment in the excellent ABC Classics series Women of Note: A Century of Australian Composers features very recent works (all within the last five years) by seven composers and, as with preceding volumes, features emerging composers alongside those whose careers are more established.

These include Anne Boyd (b. 1946), whose Beside Bamboo, scored for alto saxophone and piano, uses Balinese techniques (including circular breathing) and improvisations by soloist Katia Beaugeais that reflect Boyd’s longstanding involvement with Asian traditions. 

Women of Note ABC Classic

Bungaree is a three-movement string quartet by Deborah Cheetham Fraillon, commissioned by the Flinders Quartet. It is named for and dedicated to the largely unacknowledged Guringai man who helped Matthew Flinders chart the coastline of Australia.

The Flinders Quartet also performs A Love Worth Fighting For by Ella Macens, a four-movement composition intimately tracing the stages of a relationship. 

Love is also the impetus for Motions of Equinox...