Growing up, which voices most inspired you?

Joan Sutherland was a great inspiration for me. I came across her singing completely by accident when I was very young and ever since then I have always been drawn to beautiful sounds. I was also addicted to Jane Powell movies growing up, so hers was a voice that influenced me in my early years, and made me crave a more classical sound for myself when I started private singing lessons.

Bronwyn Douglass 

When you did realise that opera was something you wanted to pursue?

I think I always wanted to pursue opera, but I didn’t think it was really an option. I intended to do a Bachelor of Science at the University of Sydney after high school but, having a few doubts, I deferred for a year. I was living in Canberra, working to save up for university, but it wasn’t long before I wandered over to the Australian National University School of Music to look for a singing teacher. I obviously just couldn’t live without music being part of my life. I was very lucky to find Christina...